Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blue Bottle Coffee Co - San Francisco, CA

You know that cup of coffee that you're sitting there waiting for?  The one that you KNOW is going to be absolutely amazing and you just can't wait for a sip?  Well, I've never had that feeling...  until now.
This is The Blue Bottle Coffee Co started in 2002 by a musician and a coffee fanatic, two people who really wanted people to enjoy the taste of coffee rather than having it dressed up, drowned in sugars and covered in sprinkles.  They use only organic, pesticide-free and shade-grown beans that are roasted to perfection in these thousand dollar machines found only in Japan.  They vow to only serve coffee from beans roasted within 48 hours - quality eh?  Well, what else do they do?
Drip it in front of you.  Outside.  In a tent.  Yeah.  Awesome.
Regular Drip Coffee - $3-5
How does the coffee taste?  Amazing.  I'm not a coffee poet or coffee romantic but this is a great cup of coffee.  Lovely roasted flavours, extremely smooth and not a hint of burn that you can even get at those giant pricey coffee conglomerates.  Just awesome.
If you ever get the chance, give this place a try.  Then you'll know exactly how a coffee bean and a good cup of coffee tastes like.  Bon appetite!

  • Great quality cup of coffee!
  • Coffee beans are the cadillacs of coffee beans - organic, shade grown and pesticide free
  • On the higher price point for a cup of coffee
  • Longer waits since the place is so popular

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